Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple iPhone 4

The time has come. After multiple leaks earlier in the year, we get to see official images of the new iPhone 4G by Apple today. It turns out that the leaked iPhone was the new one. The new iPhone 4G comes with:

all new design
glass on the front and rear
front facing camera
camera and LED flash on the back
thinnest smartphone ever
stainless steel band on the exterior acts as antenna (the outer rim of the phone)
stainless steel case
resolution twice as good as on the 3GS with the Retina display
new A4 chip designed by Apple
comes with Mircosim to save space
imprived battery life by 40%
5 megapixel camera with digital zoom
HD video recording
The WWDS keynote speech by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is still going on. We will update with further images through out the day.
more pictures via. HS

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