Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parking Lot Sunday Mixtape

Makie Cakes, from REIGN OF SWANK, is at it again. Here is another juicy mixtape. How I do look forward to these!you cannot go wrong with a reign of swank sunday mixtape and commentary!

1. Crystal Castle - Suffocation

- I don't know what it is, but as im chillin in a parking lot i like the feeling that while riding my bike freely at any speed that my music creates the atmosphere as if im floating

2. Bibio - Fire Ant

- Me and my girl Brooklyn grabbed our boards this morning since i havent done it in a while or seen her in forever and we hit the parking lot to cruise before the sun this can say it was our morning before morning soundtrack.

3. Broken Bells - The High Road

- sitting on a car, and just watching some nice curves...

4. Kanye ft Cam'ron - Down and Out

- we were playing this song as we entered the parking lot blasted on high.

5. Jimi Hnedrix - Hey Joe

- Leaving the lot at 7 am driving down queen ...and singing Hey just a past memory from just another parking lot sunday.

6. Air - African Velvet

- Going from the P1 to P2 on my board and this in my ears made me so chills as if i just to a draw off the sweet greens...

7. EMC- Feel It

- 15 volume. singing this song loud and proud.

8. Death from Above 1979 - Little Girl

- Middle School Memories of trespassing on private property, or pool hoping in the fall.

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