Sunday, June 6, 2010

Randolph Engineering

"Randolph Engineering have been meticulously hand-crafting eye-wear for the ruggedest of climates for over 35 years, counting the Navy and Military among their most ardent and trusted customers, all of whom are a testimony to the all-American-made quality of this brand. The P3 Submariners were originally designed for use inside submarines. From the late 1960’s onwards this style of eye-wear was made iconic by figures such as John Lennon and Arthur Lee. The sounds of Love, The Byrds, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” shouted like a heartbeat across America as the good old boys from the South went rolling through Viet Cong dug outs with nothing more than an acid trip and a long barrel. Sunglasses such as these are more than just fashion, they are woven into the fabric of history as relics of appropriation, and as pieces of true craftsmanship they represent a time honored tradition of enduring quality and durability." via. beast

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