Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reign of Swank: a Hazy Sunday Mixtape

Good friend of mine and author of Reign of Swank presents to us a Hazy Sunday Mixtape featuring her witty commentary and hand picked selection of tracks. This girl is a constant talent. check her out @ROS!

1. The Color of Tempo - Prefuse73
- I love this song, just kickin it on sunday, wakin and baken and just floatin.
2. The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace - Jay Electronica ft P Diddy
- One those gridddy songs that leave you dark and hazed on a sunday
3. D'Evils- Jay-Z
- No this aint for no folks comin from church no sir..this song trips me out everytime because well you know its creepy as hell...but that for another post, another day
4. Passion Flower - Little Brother
- Just a Chill back song is all
5. Holiday- Mos Def
- I just love to sing this song when im high..dont know why just one of those song that i love that make me smile with my dropped it.
6. Dreamers - Ryshon
7. D.O.A- Lil Wayne
- This is one of those tunes from back when i was a wild child and i used to just cruise on the down the street at 4 am just high off some dank and good music..
8. Still Blazin - Wiz Khalifa
- When i wake up in the morning this is the first song i hear... enough said
9. The Premier- Topher E White
Props, MCakes!

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