Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buckeye Red: Algorythm

" Toronto, Canada is a veritable stew of Musical talent, and Leo Michael Gagnon is one of the ingredients.

At 23 years old, it would be fitting to say that he grew up simultaneously alongside electronica as it evolved into the present day. Raised in both Canada & the US, often moving around, he has had the chance to take in a lot of North American culture.

Currently he can be found at top Canadian dance clubs making regular appearances at world class entertainment complex "The Guvernment". He has built an amazing team of supporters by playing in venues large and small, and has spun with top global talent including DEADMAU5, DJ DAN, DONALD GLAUDE, JELO, ADAM K, HATIRAS, MACCA, CARLO LIO, SIMON & SHAKER, SNEAK, SYDNEY BLU, and many many more.

Known most for unleashing High energy Electro Basslines, Rotten Techno Patterns & Bouncy Party anthems Buck Prides himself in only playing the sonic gold that he loves himself!

Responsible for a remix of Farace's "Back From the Break" (Which won him the 2007 IDJ Remix Competition, and could be heard from the decks of artists like Sander Kleinenberg) he is now releasing EDEN RECORDINGS owned by American fan favorite DONALD GLAUDE.

His First release "ALGORYTHM" is set for release SOON NOW!

Expect to see some great remixes and a few big Collabs this year too!

Truly passionate about what he does this prototypical beat pusher is only getting started, and won't be slowing down for a long time to come. from his Powerful sound, to his sexy presence and energy, this is definately one artist look out for. House fans young and old keep falling in love with Buckeye-Red."

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