Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ripcurl x Lomo

Rip Curl and The Lomographic Society have linked up on new camera, the Fisheye 2 x Rip Curl Special Edition. The cam features Japanese fisheye optics (derived from sushi technology) and can capture a full 180° with a clear depth of field.

Technical Details
Size: 4.25″ (10.5cm) x 2.5″ (6cm) x 2.5″ (6cm)
Weight: 0.5lb (0.23kg)
Format: 35mm (color negative, slide, b&w)
Field of vision: 180 degrees
Approximate focal length: 10mm
Fixed aperture: f/8
Shutter speeds: 1/100, “B“
Flashes: Standard hotshoe & built-in flash
(powered by one “AA“ battery)
Multiple Exposure switch for unlimited shots on 1 frame
Film can be processed at any 35mm lab, supermarket, etc.

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