Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thing to Come

"Things to Come… is on view at Bold Hype Gallery through October 8, 2010. The exhibition features work by Doug Boehm, Chris Buzelli, Paul Chatem, R.S. Connett, Brendan Danielsson, Bob Dob, Nicole Gastonguay, Greg Hergert, Douglas Hoffman, Charlie Immer, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Dan May, Heiko Muller, Nathan Ota, Shaunna Peterson, Leah Palmer Preiss, Chris Ryniak, Scott Scheidly, Joe Scarano, Jim (Ojimbo) Sheely, Allison Sommers, Alix Soubiran, Nathan Spoor, Aron Wiesenfeld."

These are a few pieces by Nicole Gastonguay, whose mixed-media sculptures personalize all sorts of ubiquitous popular culture.

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